Indonesian Buddhist Stupa



Chandi Mendut


Around 2 km and 5 km east of The Great Temple Borobudur stand Chandi Pawon and Chandi Mendut, two Buddhist monuments of the same archaeological vintage as Borobudur.

Mendut , the larger of the two, is said to be a representation of Tantric Buddhism’s Garbhadhatu (Womb Element) mandala and contains several venerable Buddhas.

Although not in everyday worship, Chandi Mendut serves as focus for much Indonesian Buddhist celebration during the annual Vesakha Puja festival, which honours the birth, enlightenment and death of the Shakyamuni Buddha and usually falls in May ( the fourth month of Lunar Calendar), all Buddhists faithful organised a colourful procession from Mendut to Borobudur during Vesakha.


On each side of Chandi Mendut are respectively two Buddha statues, it is symbolizing The Eight Bodhisattvas.


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