The Smile of Lord Buddha

The Smile of Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha was very wise and compassion, He had crossed thousands of rebirths, He left the world’s life, meditating under a Bodhi Tree and find The Path To Enlightenment, leaving Samsara, beyond the process of birth, old age, sickness and death.

After reached Enlightenment Lord Buddha wrote the way to reach Enlightenment, He taught His disciples The Path To Enlightenment. All the teachings of Lord Buddha taught from generation to generation until now and still relevant even until whenever. Doctrine of Lord Buddha known as Dharma.

Lord Buddha has found The Path To Enlightenment, leave Samsara towards Nirvana, He just showed the way but never force us to run like Him, all depends on us.

If we want to listen to The Teachings of Lord Buddha, He smiles.

If we want to learn the Dharma, He also smiles.

If we want to practice His Dharma, He will smile.

But if we do not believe to The Teachings of Lord Buddha, He is still smiling.

Or if we underestimate The Teachings of Lord Buddha, He remains smiles.

Although we complain His Dharma, He just smiled.

Even if we deny The Teachings of Lord Buddha, He replied with a smile.

If in the end we just humiliate The Teachings of Lord Buddha, He always smiles.


Believe the Dharma or not believe it, we are going to feel it. Lord Buddha was very wise, He was teaching us all He knew but does not ask us to believe, He teaches us to check the truth of His Teachings.

Praise The Lord Buddha.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free of Samsara.

May all beings reach Enlightenment.

May all beings entered Nirvana.

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