Teachings of Lord Buddha (1)

Teachings of Lord Buddha (1)

Lord Buddha is very wisely, He teaches Us how to become enlightened

Lord Buddha never promised wonderful things, or promises that we will reach Nirvana / Heaven when trust in Him,

Lord Buddha never said also, that if we do not believe in Him will surely go to Hell,

Lord Buddha did not give a horrible or exciting tale that we should believe and fear Him,

Lord Buddha never promised wonderful things for the future, not even able to purify others,

to purify us must rely on ourselves, but why do we still want to follow His Teachings, it is because of Lord Buddha’s Teachings, we know :

* why do we suffer
* why we deform
* why are we faced bad
* why are we sick and short lived

from Lord Buddha we understand The Law of Karma and Four Noble Truths, we will grow wisely, so we do not blame anyone for the suffering that we receive, all of our sufferings are the result of bad Karma that we have done in the past, by Lord Buddha, we have been taught to love the others, and all sentient beings too, if we can through the wheel of Samsara, we will be free from birth, if there is no birth, there would be no suffering and death,we will harvest what we have planted, we will get what do we do, that’s The Law of Karma,

remember :
joy and sorrow are in the hands of our own, not in the hands of anyone, that’s The Teachings of Lord Buddha

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