The Sadhana of Smoke Offering by Mipham Rinpoche

SURCHOD ( The Smoke Offering )


The sadhana of smoke offering is a profound practice of eliminating karmic obscuration and accomplishing the Paramita of  Generosity. Everyone should practice it , especially beings in the degenerating age , their minds are often in the state of confusion , and with heavy karma.

In this time , they have many unwholesome thoughts , their life and wealth always face destruction. Someone may have to travel to other place to look for food and wealth , and get sick , hospice. Or someone may have inauspicious dream; or attacked by animals , demonic obstructions , mentally unstable;  and so on , by performing this smoke offering , everyone can purify these obstacles. Everyone can choose to perform it very often , or occasionally.

With loving kindness and compassion , through the practice , everyone can lengthen their life , eliminate sickness , obscurations , improve present conditions and even accomplish the accumulation of merits.

Through this smoke offering , it can benefit oneself temporarily , and attain buddhahood in the future , that is because someone has accomplish the accumulation of merits. There are many other benefits , it needs not to be mentioned , someone should take up the courage to perform this smoke offering.

Mipham Rinpoche  had a bad dream in the cave of Gyalton , and He wrote the short text of smoke offering on the eighteenth day of tenth month ( the Lunar calendar ).

May it be beneficial,

May all beings live happily, away from every danger, bestowed health and wealth blessings.

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