Vairocana Buddha at Borobudur Temple


Vairocana Buddha

The Fifth Buddha in Five Primordial Buddhas is Vairocana Buddha.

If we are at the top of three levels and at The Center of Borobudur Temple, we will see most of The Buddha Statues in the Stupas are Vairocana Buddha.

Vairocana Buddha which is known as Nampar Nangdze in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has symbol of Tathagata that means Dharma Wheel.

Vairocana Buddha riding Dragon as His vehicle.

Vairocana Buddha emits White light from Him and His Pure Land in The Central is Akanistha Ghanavyuha.

Vairocana Buddha has Teaching The Dharma gesture , this is the benefit that we will receive if we make Ritual or Ceremony to Him.

Vairocana Buddha which is known as Buddha of Dharma Wheel Player has Dharma Cakra Mudra means Dharma Wheel Player and His earthly element is Ether.

The Holy Companion of Vairocana Buddha is White Tara.

Vairocana Buddha is match to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and paired with Krakucchanda Buddha.

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