Teachings of Lord Buddha (3)

Teachings of Lord Buddha (3)


– Life is suffering

– Suffering comes from ourselves

– Suffering not from outside, not a punishment, but suffering is the consequences of an action

– We have to cope all the suffering on our own, we can not rely on outside help

– Suffering is caused by craving which develops into attachment

– Fervent desire that always gets the fulfillment of which became a habit, this is the source of suffering

– Desires/expectations/ demands are met is not a happiness, at first glance looks yes, but after the desire is fulfilled, it will require new desires, and so on we just feel happy for a while

– The real happiness is not because of lust fulfilled, precisely because of lust outages is the true happiness

– Although it has not been able to extinguish the craving, but only to reduce or minimize the craving will lead to tranquility

– Although it has not extinguished the flames of desire, even though only a smaller will give happiness

– Lust will not be extinguished even though it was raining gold

– Suffering are also made by our own because of the flames of hatred

– If we are not selective with the desire, it will be a blaze of passion that would be the cause of suffering

– Desire is the cause of suffering, that’s The Teachings of Lord Buddha


Lord Buddha said that it is very difficult to be born as human beings, after birth as a human beings we must live with the suffering, we should experience the life of birth, old age, sickness and death, therefore do not add any suffering in our life but we must strive eliminate the suffering from our lives.


May all beings be happy and could achieve Nirvana.

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