Amitabha Buddha at Borobudur Temple


Amitabha Buddha

The Fourth Buddha in Five Primordial Buddhas is Amitabha Buddha.

If we surround The Borobudur Temple and when we are on the West side of the Temple, we will see all the Buddha Statues in that side are Amitabha Buddhas.

Amitabha Buddha which is known as Wopakme in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has symbol of Padma that means Lotus.

Amitabha Buddha riding Peacock as His vehicle.

Amitabha Buddha emits Red light from Him and His Pure Land in the Western is Sukhavati.

Amitabha Buddha has Meditation gesture, this is the benefit that we will receive if we make Ritual or Ceremony to Him.

Amitabha Buddha which is known as Buddha of Meditation has Dhyana Mudra means Meditation and His earthly element is Fire.

The Holy Companion of Amitabha Buddha is Pandara.

Amitabha Buddha is match to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and paired with Shakyamuni Buddha.

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