The Karma (2)


KARMA is like fruit hanging on the tree branch, wait for maturity at the right time and the right conditions  and when the fruit is ripe, it will fall to hit the ground below, as hard as the fruit hit the ground,depending on the weight of the fruit itself. How heavy Karma bear fruit, the painful suffering that we must feel depending on the weight of KARMA we have done no more and no less.

Then what should we do, if there is no way to remove KARMA, we can not remove KARMA at a glance, but we can make it lighter. Make a lot of virtue, although doing only slightest of virtue, if done with sincere, good KARMA will be larger. Like a glass of salt water is very salty, if coupled with fresh water until the glass is no longer able to accommodate and the water will be spilled out from the glass.  over time the salt water will flow out  and was left in the glass is only just fresh water, as that is what we should do with our lives, knows how much bad KARMA we do, and now in this life.

When we meet with this law of Buddha, we should have to do a lot of virtue to reduce our bad KARMA and remember, if there is bad KARMA that happens to us, do not respond.

When we can not accept, upset, resentful and angry, there’s bad KARMA newly created, it may sound very difficult to run, how many of us can stay well and make friends with people who steal, cheat, slander us or hurt us, but have we ever tried to survive no reply, trying to control the feelings of disappointment and anger ?

try it just once, shut our mouths tightly when we want to be angry, we will find out, defeat ourselves are more difficult than defeating ten thousand enemies.

Buddha Bless You.

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