Dedications Prayer of Vajrayana

Tantrayana Buddhism is also known as Vajrayana Buddhism



Vajrayana teaches us to dedicate of all the good deeds we do for the happiness of all beings, may all beings be liberated from Samsara and achieve enlightenment, may all beings can defeat the waves of Birth, Old Age,  Sickness and Death. Therefore we need to pray the Dedications Prayer at the end of every ritual or ceremony, to pray for all beings, then we also pray for ourselves, to pray for all beings is benefit for our lives, this present life and future life also.

We will certainly be bestowed blessings happiness in life, keep in mind, everyone in their past life had become our parents, which is why we must pray for all people, if they are happy, then we will also be happy, this is the teaching of Vajrayana, may all beings can live happily, away from suffering, to attain enlightenment, and hopefully Samsara will be empty of all creatures, and all beings can achieve Nirvana.

Dedications Prayer of Vajrayana

with this virtue  may all beings attain enlightenment, may all beings be liberated from the ocean of Samsara and all beings could defeat the three roots of dangerous poison which are filled with waves of birth, old age, sickness and death because of the Bodhicitta is very precious hope those who do not already have, will start to develop it now hope those who already have it, do not destroy it and hopefully Bodhicitta is always growing and evolving forever.

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