Teachings of Lord Buddha ( 2 )

Teachings of Lord Buddha ( 2 )

Buddha taught us, Samsara consists of six realms :

1. Realm of god

2. Realm of ashura ( half-god and half-human )

3. Realm of human

4. Realm of animal

5. Realm of pretha ( hunger demons )

6. Realm of hell

It is very difficult to be born as a human beings, and therefore we must be wise in our life in the human realm. Buddha taught us some guidelines for human life,This  is The Fourteen Guidelines  for Human Life :

1. The main human enemy is himself

2. The main failure of human is vanity

3. The main human stupidity is deceptive

4. The main grief of human is envy

5. The main error of human is throw himself

6. The main sin of human is deluding himself and others

7. The pity of human nature is feel inferior

8. The most commendable of human nature is tenacious spirit

9. The greatest destruction of human is a sense of hopelessness

10. The main property of human is the health

11. The greatest debt of human is moral duty

12. The main prize of human is great soul, gracefully and forgiving

13. The biggest drawback of human is lament life and do not have wisdom

14. The primary tranquility and peace of human is giving and charity

Buddha taught us to run our life well  then we will leave the six realms of  Samsara to reach Nirvana.

Buddha taught us to live with compassion, so that we will not rebirth in Samsara.

Buddha taught us to live wisely until we reach enlightenment.

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