Dharani of Water Purifying

Vajra Vidarana Nama Dharani

Prostrate to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,thus which I hear, in one time when The Bhagawan settle at Vajrasana in a clear wisdom,

Vajrapani through strength and blessings of Buddha & Bodhisattva reach a holy Nirmanakaya body as the Vajra body,  Vajrapani was in meditation on Vajra concentration, He talked about the Essence of Vajra, arising out of the Vajra wrath, on that can not be broken and destroyed, that truly whole and undefiled, can cut and weaken all magical effects, that can transcend all Karma, neutralize all acts, destroy all negative forces, subjecting all elemental forces, and which can assure of success, fulfill all wishes, which can protect all creatures, that soothing, adding, disabling and frightening, this is which was illustrated by Vajrapani about the power of Secret Mantra, through the power of Buddha and Bodhisattva, the secret mantra is Dharani of Water Purifying.

Dharani of  Water Purifying

The Dharani is useful to purify all the bad deeds and eliminate all the suffering. This is the root of all Tantra teachings.

Hopefully all creatures who have a disability, whose life exhausting and elderly, those unfortunate, those who live in conflict, those who are deprived of the property, those who are feeling tired and sad, those who are hurt, fear and despair, those who are under the evil influence of planets, constellations and the curse, those who are not able to avoid bad deeds, those who see evil creatures in their dreams, can be cleaned and purified by this Dharani.

All creatures with clean clothes, listen to this Dharani with a clear heart and mind is right.

Read this Dharani as many as twenty one or one hundred and eight times, and purify yourself all the time, this is the Dharani fulfillment known as Vajra conquerors




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