Ling Po : Ngagyur Nyingma Monastery – Gyantse, Tibet


Ling Po Monastery

Ling Po Monastery is located in Gyantse, Road Name : 307, Km 181

Ling Po Monastery is a Sanga Ngagyur Nyingma Monastery. The Monastery was built in the late tenth century.


The Founder of Ling Po Monastery was Penchen Miti Gyana, the Buddhist Master which came from India and then settled in Tibet.


Guru Rinpoche ( Padmasambhava ) thangka which is painted on the wall of Ling Po Monastery.


Now the Head of the monastery is the Fifteenth Incarnation, Lhatsun Namkei Jigme Tulku Rinpoche.


Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters from TharpaLing Jakarta took picture together with HE Lhatsun Namkei Jigme Rinpoche.


One of the LAMA explained about the Ling Po Monastery to Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters from TharpaLing Jakarta.

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