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Amoghasiddhi Buddha at Borobudur Temple

Amoghasiddhi Buddha

The First Buddha in Five Primordial Buddhas is Amoghasiddhi Buddha.

If we surround The Borobudur Temple and when we are on the North side of the Temple, we will see all The Buddha Statues in that side are Amoghasiddhi Buddhas.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha which is known as Donyo Drubpa in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has symbol of Double Vajra that means Karma.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha riding Garuda as His vehicle.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha emits Green light from Him and His Pure Land in the Northern is Prakuta.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha has Fearlessness gesture, this is the benefit  that we will receive if we make Ritual or Ceremony to Him.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha which is known as Buddha of Fearlessness has Abhaya Mudra that means Fearlessness and His earthly element is Air.

The Holy Companion of Amoghasiddhi Buddha is Green Tara.

Amoghasiddhi Buddha is match to Visvapani Bodhisattva and paired with Maitreya Buddha.

Borobudur’s Five Primordial Buddhas

Borobudur is one of Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Borobudur Temple consists of  nine levels, the six levels lower are a square shape and three levels upper are circular shape. The wall of Borobudur are full decorated with 504 Buddha statues and 2,672 relief panels. Borobudur have Five Primordial Buddha statues. The Five Primordial Buddhas at Borobudur Temple is :

1. Amoghasiddhi Buddha is in the North side of  Borobudur Temple

2. Akshobhya Buddha is in the East side of Borobudur Temple

3. Ratnasambhava Buddha is in the South side of Borobudur Temple

4. Amitabha Buddha is in the West side of Borobudur Temple

5. Vairocana Buddha is in the Center, inside the Stupa of  Borobudur Temple

The Great Temple Borobudur


The Great Temple Borobudur

Two major events happened in this world in the 7th / 8th century which is the golden age of Buddhism particularly Tantrayana, the two events are :

The Great Master Padmasambhava brought Tantric Buddhism from India to Tibet and He built the first Buddhist Monastery named Samye Monastery in Tsedang-Tibet, and at the nearly same time The King of Sailendra Dynasty built The Great Temple Borobudur in Magelang, middle of Java Island-Indonesia.

The Great Temple Borobudur was built nine levels which was symbolize Nine Yanas that were exist in the past in Buddhist religion, the Nine Yanas were :

1. Sarvaka Yana

2. Pratika Buddha Yana

3. Mahayana

4. Kriya Tantra

5. Upa Tantra

6. Yoga Tantra

7. Maha Yoga

8. Anu Yoga

9. Ati Yoga

The Great Temple Borobudur was also built with the architecture and very high science of that era, Borobudur was built with square shape and one Stupa of Buddha in the center, this symbolizes The Five Primordial Buddhas :

1. In the north side of The Great Temple Borobudur laid Amoghasiddhi Buddha, The Buddha who was in The North.

2. In the east side of The Great temple Borobudur laid Akshobhya Buddha, The Buddha who was in The East.

3. In the south side of The Great Temple Borobudur laid Ratnasambhava Buddha, The Buddha who was in The South.

4. In the west side of The Great Temple Borobudur laid Amitabha Buddha, The Buddha who was in The West.

5. In the center of The Great Temple Borobudur laid Vairocana Buddha, The Buddha who was in The Center.

The wall of The Great Temple Borobudur carved with reliefs depicting The Buddha’s teachings of both Sutra and Tantra.

The Great Temple Borobudur is recognized by every Great Master of Buddhism as The Holy Mandala of tangible Nirvana that can be seen in this life.

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