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Twenty One TARA


Twenty One TARA

The holy goddess Green Tara transforms Herself into twenty one Tara which work to help the twenty-one aspect of human life, such as helping human from magic and witchcraft, water disasters, catastrophic fire and can also help couples who have not had offspring, etc.

This is a reverence to Twenty-One Tara :

OM jetsun-ma phag-ma drolma-la chag-tsal lo

Chag-tsal TARE nyur-ma pal-mo

TUTTARE-yi jig-pa sel-ma

TURE don-kun jin-pe drol-ma

SOHA yi-ge cho-la du-do

OM, I bow to the sacred and noble Tara

Bow down to TARE who is swift and glorious

and eliminate any fears with TUTTARE

Rescuers with TURE who can give all expectations

I bow to You, wise words SOHA

Chag-tsal drol-ma nyur-ma pal-mo

Chen-ni ke-chig lo-dang dra-ma

Jig-ten sum-gon chu-che zhal-ji

Ge-sar je-wa le-ni jung-ma

I prostrate to the swift and glorious Tara

Whose eyes view like lightning

Whose is emerging from a Lotus Flower Crown

Of the three moments ruler

Chag-tsal ton-kei da-wa kun-tu

Gang-wa jia-ni tseng-pei zhal-ma

Kar-ma tong-trag tsog-pa nam-chi

Rab-tu je-wei o-rab bar-ma

Bow down to Whom that has face like

Hundred full moon in Autumn

Which shone like the scattered light

And a thousand stars

Chag-tsal ser-ngo chu-nei che-chi

Pe-mei cha-ni nam-par jien-ma

Jin-pa tson-du ka-tub zhi-ma

Zo-pa sam-ten cho-yul nyi-ma

Prostration to Her who has hands decorated with

Blue Golden Lotus which is the scope of

Activity of Generosity, Tenacity, Rigor,

Calmness, Patience and Meditation

Chag-tsal de-zhin she-pei tsug-tor

Tha-ye nam-par gial-wa cho-ma

Ma-lu pa-rol jin -pa tob-pei

Gial-wei se-chi shin-tu ten-ma

Prostration to Her who is the embodiment of the Tathagata

Who achieved victory without limits

and Who is served by the son of the conqueror

Who has reached all the perfection

Chag-tsal tut-ta ra-hung yi-ge

Do-dang chog-dang nam-kha gang-ma

Jig-ten dun-po zhab-chi nen-te

Lu-pa me-par gug-pa nu-ma

Prostrate on the wise words TUTTARA Hum

that meets the world of lust,

direction and space, Who set  foot into the seven worlds

and Who has the power to conquer all

Chag-tsal jia-jin me-lha tsang-pa

Lung-lha na-tsog wang-chug cho-ma

Jung-po ro-lang dri-za nam-dang

No-jin tsog-chi dun-ne to-ma

I bow to Her who is worshiped by The God Sakka, The God of Fire, Brahma,

Vayu God and Ishvara God who gathered before

Demons, Zombies, Gandharva and

The Yakshas who praise Her

Chag-tsal trat-ched ja-dang phet-chi

Pa-rol trul-kor rab-tu jo-ma

Ye-kum yon-chang zhab-chi nen-te

Me-bar trug-pa shin-tu bar-ma

I bow to Her who conquered all evil spells TRAT and PHAT

who dwells amid the fierce blaze

while stepping with the right foot outstretched

and left leg bent

Chag-tsal tu-re jig-pa chen-mo

Du-chi pa-wo nam-par jom-ma

Chu-che zhal-ni tro-nyer den-ze

Dra-wo tam-che ma-lu so-ma 

I bow to the TURE who is terrible

Who conquered all evil demons

that Her Lotus Face shows

wrinkles anger and exterminate all enemies

Chag-tsal kon-chog sum-tsun cha-je

Sor-mo thug-kar nam-par jien-ma 

Ma-lu chog-chi khor-lo jien-pe

Rang-gi o-chi tsog-nam trug-ma

I bow to Her who decorates Her Heart with Her Fingers

form the Mudra symbolizing The Three Jewels

decorated with Chakra from all majors

are enveloped by a bright light collection

Chag-tsal rab-tu ga-wei ji-pei

U-jien o-chi treng-wei pel-ma

Zhe-pa rab-zhe tut-ta ra-yi

Du-dang jig-ten wang-du dze-ma

I bow to Her who has full of joy

crowned by dazzling jewelry that emit light

who is laughing, laughing out loud,

control of the devil and the universe with TUTTARA

Chag-tsal sa-zhi chong-wei tsog-nam

Tam-che gug-par nu-pa nyi-ma

Tro-nyer yo-wei yi-ge hung-gi

Pong-pa tam-che nam-par drol-ma

I bow to Her who has the power to

uniting all earthly protector

fully saved every needy

with the letter HUM that moving creepy

Chag-tsal da-wei dum-bu u-jien 

Jien-pa tam-che shin-tu bar-ma

Ral-pei tro-ne o-pa me-le

Tag-par shin-tu o-ni dze-ma

Which has a crescent moon decoration

Which brightly lit with a variety of other jewelery

hair knot above Her Head is Amitabha Buddha

Who emit light continuously

Chag-tsal kal-pei ta-mei me-tar

Bar-wei treng-wei u-na ne-ma

Ye-chang yon-kum kun-ne kor-ga

Dra-yi pung-ni nam-par jom-ma

I bow to Her who dwells in the midst of a circle of fire

Who is like the fire of the thousands of years and fully conquered

siege the enemy of happiness

with an outstretched right leg and Her left leg bent

Chag-tsal sa-zhi ngu-la chag-gi

Thil-ji nun-ching zhab-chi dung-ma

Tro-nyer chen-dze yi-ge hung-gi

Rim-pa dun-po nam-ni gem-ma

I bow to Her who tread the earth’s surface

with the palm of Her Hand and who stamped Her Foot

with the condition of creepy and with the letter HUM

taming The Seven Levels of Life

Chag-tsal de-ma ge-ma zhi-ma

Nya-ngen de-zhi cho-yul nyi-ma

 So-ha om-dang yang-dag den-pei

Dig-pa chen-po jom-pa nyi-ma

I bow to Her who has joyful, virtue, peacefulness

Who is the sphere of peaceful Nirvana

Who destroys The Bad Karma

through the perfection of having OM and SVAHA

Chag-tsal kun-ne kor-rab ga-wei

Dra-yi lu-ni rab-tu Gem-ma

Yi-ge chu-pei ngag-ni ko-pei

Rig-pa hung-le drol-ma nyi-ma

I bow to Her who could devastating the bodies of

enemy that besiege happiness

Who is liberating the formulation

spell ten words and HUM

Chag-tsal tu-re zhab-ni dab-pe

Hung-gi nam-pei sa-won nyi-ma

Ri-rab man-da ra-dang big-je

Jig-ten sum-nam yo-wa nyi-ma

I bow to TURE who stamped Her Foot

which along with the wise words HUM

Who shakes the Mandhara mountain, Vindhya

and the three realms of life

Chag-tsal lha-yi tso-yi nam-pei

Ri-dag tag-chen chag-na nam-ma

Ta-ra nyi-jo phet-chi yi-ge

Dug-nam ma-lu par-ni sel-ma 

I bow to Her who is holding the symbol of

gentle creatures shaped like a celestial lake

Who is pronouncing TARA twice and letters PHET

banish all toxins

Chag-tsal lha-yi ts0g-nam gial-po 

Lha-dang mi-am chi-yi ten-ma

Kun-ne go-cha ga-wei ji-chi

Tso-dang mi-lam ngen-pa sel-ma

I bow to Her who is served by The King of Gods,

The Gods and all spirits that eliminate

contention and nightmares

with a perfect shield

Chag-tsal nyi-ma da-wa je-pei

Chen-nyi po-la o-rab sal-ma

Ha-ra nyi-jo tut-ta re-yi

Shin-tu drag-po rim-ne sel-ma

I kneel on both Her Eyes which are like the sun and the full moon

that emits brilliant light

through pronunciation HARA twice and TUTTARE

which eliminate the terrible diseases

Chag-tsal de-nyi sum-nam ko-pei

Zhi-wei thu-dang yang-dag den-ma

Don-dang ro-lang no-jin tsog-nam

Jom-pa tu-re rab-chog nyi-ma

I bow to Her who has the power

to create three nature

to conquer the group of Demons, Zombies and Yakshas

by TURE the most superior

Tsa-wei ngag-chi to-pa di-dang

Chag-tsal wa-ni nyi-shu tsa-chig

Praise of this Root Mantra

I offer by making twenty one times prostration ( Namaskara )***

The Holy Mantra of Twenty One TARA is    OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA

Chanting the mantra of Twenty One TARA would be more benefit if the chanter has received Oral Transmissions from a Teacher who holds The Teaching Lineage.

Teachings of Lord Buddha (3)

Teachings of Lord Buddha (3)


– Life is suffering

– Suffering comes from ourselves

– Suffering not from outside, not a punishment, but suffering is the consequences of an action

– We have to cope all the suffering on our own, we can not rely on outside help

– Suffering is caused by craving which develops into attachment

– Fervent desire that always gets the fulfillment of which became a habit, this is the source of suffering

– Desires/expectations/ demands are met is not a happiness, at first glance looks yes, but after the desire is fulfilled, it will require new desires, and so on we just feel happy for a while

– The real happiness is not because of lust fulfilled, precisely because of lust outages is the true happiness

– Although it has not been able to extinguish the craving, but only to reduce or minimize the craving will lead to tranquility

– Although it has not extinguished the flames of desire, even though only a smaller will give happiness

– Lust will not be extinguished even though it was raining gold

– Suffering are also made by our own because of the flames of hatred

– If we are not selective with the desire, it will be a blaze of passion that would be the cause of suffering

– Desire is the cause of suffering, that’s The Teachings of Lord Buddha


Lord Buddha said that it is very difficult to be born as human beings, after birth as a human beings we must live with the suffering, we should experience the life of birth, old age, sickness and death, therefore do not add any suffering in our life but we must strive eliminate the suffering from our lives.


May all beings be happy and could achieve Nirvana.

Jambhala, The Bodhisattva of Wealth

 Jambhala, The Bodhisattva of Wealth

(1) Yellow Jambhala

Yellow Jambhala has yellow colored body, He sits in the Vajra position with His right leg is panhandle, and His right foot is above a Snail and Lotus flower, and His left leg is kinked, He has one face and two arms, His left hand holding an animal named Nehulay which spue out jewels from its mouth, His right hand holding gems shaped fruit and leaf of Lotus

The Mantra of Yellow Jambhala is :


(2) Red Jambhala

Red Jambhala has red colored body, He sits in the Vajra position with Dakini in front of Him, His right leg is panhandle with right foot is above a Snail and Lotus flower, His left leg is kinked, He holding an animal known as Nehulay in His left hand, His right hand holding Khorlo (Cakra), His Dakini holding Kapala containing Nectar in Her left hand and Norbu Mebar in Her right hand

The Mantra of Red Jambhala is :


(3) Black Jambhala

Black Jambhala has black colored body, He has small body in a standing posotion, He stands on a human’s body that means to subdue human’s ego and eliminate human’s greed, His right hand holding Gems Pot and His left hand holding an animal named Nehulay which spue out jewels from its mouth, Black Jambhala also wears a snake necklace on His body

The Mantra of Black Jambhala is :


(4) White Jambhala

White Jambhala has white colored body, He sits on a Dragon, His left hand holding an animal known as Nehulay which spue out jewels from its mouth, He also holding a Wealth Banner in His left arm and His right hand holding a Gold Sword

The Mantra of White Jambhala is :


(5) Green Jambhala

Green Jambhala has bluish green colored body, He sits in the Vajra position with Dakini in front of Him, His right leg is panhandle with right foot is above a Snail and Lotus flower, His left leg is kinked, He holds on His left hand an animal called Nehulay which spue out jewels from its mouth, His right hand holding Norbu, His Dakini holding Lotus flower in Her hand

The Mantra of Green Jambhala is :


Chanting The Mantra of every Jambhala would be more benefit if the chanter has received Oral Transmissions from a Teacher who holds The Teaching Lineage

May all human be bestowed blessings of fortune,

May all beings be happy

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