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Ling Po : Ngagyur Nyingma Monastery – Gyantse, Tibet


Ling Po Monastery

Ling Po Monastery is located in Gyantse, Road Name : 307, Km 181

Ling Po Monastery is a Sanga Ngagyur Nyingma Monastery. The Monastery was built in the late tenth century.


The Founder of Ling Po Monastery was Penchen Miti Gyana, the Buddhist Master which came from India and then settled in Tibet.


Guru Rinpoche ( Padmasambhava ) thangka which is painted on the wall of Ling Po Monastery.


Now the Head of the monastery is the Fifteenth Incarnation, Lhatsun Namkei Jigme Tulku Rinpoche.


Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters from TharpaLing Jakarta took picture together with HE Lhatsun Namkei Jigme Rinpoche.


One of the LAMA explained about the Ling Po Monastery to Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters from TharpaLing Jakarta.

Pekor Monastery & Kubum Stupa – Gyantse, Tibet



Pekor Chode Monastery was built in 1418 by the Dharma King of Gyantse Rabtan Kunsang Phag and the first Panchen Lama Kedrup Geleg Pesang.

Pekor Chode Monastery is  a non sectarian Buddhist center where Gelugpa, Sakyapa and Butonpa co exist in harmony and peace.


Later in 1427, the Great Stupa Kubum was erected in the pattern of the Multi door Stupa ( Tashi Gomang ), one of the eight prototype stupas of Buddhism. Kubum is of 32.4 meters high, and includes 108 altars where a hundred thousand Buddhist images are enshrined as statues and murals.

In 1996, the Great Stupa Kubum was listed in the key state-level cultural relic preservation unit.


Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters of TharpaLing Jakarta in front of the Great Stupa KubumGyantse, Tibet.

Jokhang Temple – Lhasa, Tibet



Jokhang Temple is situated in the center of the old Lhasa, the construction of which started in 647 A.D. during the time of the Tibet King Songtsen Gampo.


After extensions in later periods, Jokhang Temple takes the size like it is today. The Temple faces west, 4 storeyed, and the whole construction size is about 25100 m2.


All the upper roof of the Temple is made of a layer of gold.


In the central hall on the first floor, sits the alloy casted statue of the twelve years old Shakyamuni, brought in by Princess Wen Cheng from Central China who married to the King of Tibet.

The Jokhang Temple also listed by the state council as one unit of the important cultural relics to be specially protected.

As one of the holy places, many Buddhist Pilgrim make prostration in front of the Temple.


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